Roy S. Richardson

Putney, Vermont

Cat Bird

You mimic the cat.
I know that.
You've a flicking tail
And short-hop wings that fly.
In your dark trim shades of grey
A dark jewel for an eye.

You're smart.
You play with old cat
---To be nice.
You don't sing the same song

You're friendly, cheerful
You even improvise close by,
But you don't look back
You see,
There's a reason
For that dark jewel for an eye.

That deep reflective eye,
As old as old cat's eye.
---An old bird's memory
of mistakes and false starts -
Ah- I know-
I see well enough
With my lusterless eye.

But your brown eyed memory
Makes you sing a new song.
You are born again You are youth!
As fresh and as strong as blue ice!
And your dark eyes glitter
And you never look back
You have learned what it's like
Born to live twice.
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