Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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The brevity of life

Life is so fragile for I live so close to death
and eternity will begin with my final breath.
This mortal body is composed of flesh and bone
but my soul is eternal and exists on its own.

These years of mine are but a wisp of smoke
and will come to an end at midnight's final stroke.
How many breaths will I breath within my lifetime?
How many heartbeats are there in this heart of mine?

A finite number for I am of mortal clay
and the transient sands of time just slip away.
So to myself I say, "breathe lungs breathe, beat heart beat"
'til all these days of mine are over and complete.

Then my soul, which is that undying part of me
will be transported to the realms of eternity.
Ascending into heaven the source of its birth.
no more confined to the limitations of earth.
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