Baramundi Roy

August 30, 1946 - UK
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A lovely man called Jeff

For eighteen long days he had hardly slept
and night and day his loving vigil kept.
Sat by her bedside, and with tender care
he swabbed her mouth and stroked her long brown hair.

He seldom spoke, but he always kept alert.
His heart was aching and it really hurt
to see his darling wife just lying there
slipping very slowly beyond his care.

Then on Christmas Day she succumbed and died.
His long vigil was over and he cried.
With love so tender and with love so true
he had done everything he could do.

I was privileged to witness such a scene.
The way that he cared, the man he had been.
Some men boast in their strength and prowess
but Jeff showed his love by his tenderness.
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