Rosa Jamali

November 19, 1977-Tabriz
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My Promised Meridian

My promised Meridian
A poem by Rosa Jamali
Translated from original Persian into English by the Author

Could you possibly find the name of the City;
The sign marks the beginning of this street
The last sign would be a sculpture on the hills forming my face
Take the letter 'Y' as its name
A thousand miles above the Sea Level
It's archived on the life line of my Palms
You know, it's my third gravity
And makes the gravity less.

But this last sign of this street
Is a hill sculpted my face
Where my footprints on the earth last
Left after me.

Is this my own promised land on a different time zone?

Now look at my palm lines again, notice the heartline
Is like this landscape and the skyline
Its gravity has captured me
Sharp triangles are shaping into a curve
The sickles of a new labyrinth
My dress got stuck!

Oh, I didn't know there is no pear here
And my dress looks like a dark shady pear on the hanging
And a glass of water
And how much I love you
I was as lonely as a single cherry
This place had a crush on me!

Like a dream I had many years ago
That skyline came true into reality
And it's going to expand like a landscape
Like your heartlines
Folded, steamed in the closet
But this corner is not going to get folded.

The sign initiates at the beginning of this Street
Trekking all quarters of the city, whirling
And has given me a voice!

Is this my own promised land on a different time zone?

What have I given up last to this city
Is my face whirling in the winds shapelessly
I'm not there any more but my heartlines are there after me...
My whole heart has been depicted on the fortress that city
The spear that punched me
And when the lines join, your fate's destined
This will be my next photo.

Who portrayed me in your mirror!

You came out of sudden
I wasn't supposed to fall for that
Bu I've been stuck here
The most enigmatic episode of my life
Never crossed my mind
The hardest could ever be taken a name
This is a bewildering enigma
Nobody never found a solution to this puzzle!

And now I'm the poison ivy of this town
My dress is hanging there
I'm like a plant growing over the houses,
Soaring high in the sky!

One thousand and one nights have passed
Since the last night I slept!

But tomorrow
Would be the first day of my life!

Long after
The city would be a double Cherry
The wheels would emerge into each other
And the last sign of that street
Would be by my engraved face on the hills.
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