Rosa Jamali

November 19, 1977-Tabriz
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Biography of Rosa Jamali

Rosa Jamali (Born 1977) is an Iranian poet, playwright, and translator. She studied Drama & Literature at the Art University of Tehran and holds a Master's degree in English literature from TEHRAN University. She has published volumes of poetry books . Her first book, "This Dead Body is Not an Apple, It is Either a Cucumber or a Pear”, was published in 1997, and opened new landscapes and possibilities to Persian contemporary poetry. Through broken syntax and word-play, she describes a surreal world in which words have lost their meanings and have become jumbled objects within contemporary everyday life. In her other collections, she adapted a kind of music from classical Persian poetry and imbued it with the natural cadences of speech, juxtaposing long and short sentences. In her recent poems, she creates some layers of intertextuality with Persian Mythology and mysticism. Since then she has created works that have always been strictly engaged with the forms and conscious of styles in poetics, digressing in between various literary styles and traditions. experiencing condensed and language-based imagery taking its inspiration from the style of visionary writings of Persian transcendentalists. She is also a very prolific translator with many books and anthologies of Anglophone poets translated into Persian. Rosa Jamali has participated in so many poetry festivals and literary events worldwide. She is a Judge in a number of prestigious poetry Prizes inside the country and has written a number of scholarly articles on Poetry, Literary theory, and Creative writing. Selection of her essays titled "Revelations in the Wind" discusses the Poetics of Persian Poetry.