Rickey Paul Miller

Abbeville, Mississippi

Five Ways Of Looking At It

1. If you think that the shot you fire won't mess with your head. Try it and see. 11-21-87.
2. Never have eaten my gun, but, I have gnawed on it a couple of times. 7-19-87.
3. It's not how good you are with a paper target. It's how good you are when the lead is coming your way. 10-30-87.
4. Having diligently studied the situation for thirty-four years, I have unbiasedly come to the final conclusion that it is the rest of the world that is crazy, not me.
P.S. But, then again it just may be I'm the one who is crazy, not the world.
P.S.S. Conclusions are just so final 3-5-82.
5. What! So simple. So easy, just so far out of reach. What? Damn if I know. But it is. 6-28-86
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