Richard Nimoh

September 9,2001


Silence is my favorite buddy
I know that people think I'm anti social
I also know that I don't have the courage to befriend everybody
But I'd love to really be social
I know I'm not great at starting a conversation
I keep my words to myself,it may be conservation
Some consider me intolerable
Just because I can't keep up the fun
Others see me as miserable
Just because I can't do what they can
I am like a teddy bear
Even though I do things you barely bear
You do not speak to me when you need to
You only speak to me when everyone leaves you
But like a teddy bear, I'm always around when everyone let's you go
I'm always around for you in case you do not know
I'll be there so you can hug me tight when you need someone
I'll be there for you if you lose your 'the one'
I may not be able to tell you it's ok
But my actions will tell you, everything will be ok
Like a teddy bear,
I'll always be there
At night when you're lonely
You can call and lay it all on me
I may never say I love you
But know I'm glad I always have you
I am a teddy bear
I'll always show you that I care
Even though you forget that I'm always there
I'll always be here
Whenever you shed a tear.
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