Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Someone I knew for a while

I flew across the sky for you
The plan was just one night
So how can something we know is so wrong
Feel so real... and so right

Everything happens for a reason
But why you...I’ll never know
Fate may have brought us together...but
My choice was to let you go

Forbidden love, forbidden sex
I know we crossed a line
I took the chance you gave
For those eight hours...I made you mine

You gave me so much to remember
So how can I ever forget
Forever to fate I’ll be thankful
For that one precious night when we met

We both know we can’t be together
Too many things stand in our way
But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you
And know in my heart you will stay

The distance between us is easy
For our secret to never unfold
No one will know... for you and I
Are a story that never gets told

I didn’t count on these feelings
I never dreamed I would fall
But I would rather have had just one night
Than to never have had you at all

Now you’re a chapter in my book
And it’s time to turn the page
But this is a chapter I’ll never forget
It will never grow old...or age

Someday I know you’ll think of me
When memories stir in your mind
I know the only regrets we will have
Are the “what if's" we left behind

Always remember and never regret
Something that once made you smile
Always I’ll treasure that someone I loved
That someone I knew for a while...
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