Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Silver Screen..

The girl said on the silver screen
A tear in each blue
Please don’t ever leave my love
For if you did, I’d die

I yawned and switched the TV off
I’d seen that film before
And in the end it all came right
Just like a million more

I wish I was the actress
And my life was just pretend
Then you would still be with me
This wouldn’t be the end

But in my own sad world
The tears I'm crying are for real
Only you can cure me
From this stabbing pain I feel

Do you ever think of me
And all the love we knew
Do you wonder if there’s still
A chance for me and you

I wouldn’t have to be a star
To play the love torn part
They wouldn’t have to write a script
For you to break my heart

And if I wrote a play about
The way you’ve passed me by
I wonder after watching it
Would anybody cry...
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