Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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One Night Only..

Tonight we will be lovers
Tomorrow we’ll be friends
With you there’s no beginning
With me there’ll be no end

For just one night I will be yours
And you’ll belong to me
Tonight we’ll set the fire alight
We’ll set our passions free

I need to feel your touch
I need to feel you deep inside
Fulfilling all my needs
Until the sun begins to rise

Tonight, feed every hunger
That’s ever gone unfed
Live out every fantasy
Hidden in your head

Work your magic on me baby
Take me from behind
I’ll drop down on my knees for you
And slowly blow your mind

With every kiss, with every touch,
With every sweet caress
My body you will own
My soul you will posses

As you make sweet love to me
My juices overflow
In every sense I’ll feel you...
You’ll feel me too, I know

As the dawn draws closer
In your eyes I’ll see
Everything your feeling
As you lay inside of me

And when the sun arises
You’ll whisper in my ear
The word I know you have to say
That I don’t want to hear

We both know "one night only"
Would be all we ever knew
But always I will treasure
Every moment spent with you….
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