Qila Gall

June 6, 2006 - Brisbane
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The Rope

At home
Knock knock
Anyone there
Knock knock
Stop it
Knock knock
S i l e n c e

Shifting in my chair
Thoughts collecting
Nonsensical things
Shadow monster in a corner
Hanging skeleton above my bed
Sad thoughts hanging in my head

Surely I’m crazy
Am I insane

Talking to imaginary people
My only friends
Help me

I think it’s weird
When everyone looks at me
They stare and see only me
How can they not see my friends
My friends acknowledge their existence
But not them
They whisper when I walk down dark hallways
Talking to my only friends

Broken pens
Ripped notebook papers
Laughing people

My friends form a cage around me
Laughing and trapping me inside
Why do friends betray you

The others say I must be seeing things
Well I am
I’m seeing my friends
Why can friends betray so easily

They aren’t real
Says a voice
There goes the stool
The knot tightens

They can’t betray me now
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