Purnel Collicott

Jacksonville, Florida

The Best Is Yet To Come

Each new generation tend
to think they are so cool!
At just about the time
they graduate from school.
But what can they know?
They have just begun ­
They've barely started,
and the best is yet to come!

They have miles and miles to go,
before they even know
It was just a phase ­
one little act, in the human show!
And many, many times,
before their race is run,
They'll see that it was true ­
the best was yet to come!

It takes young adults awhile,
to settle into careers.
And there's bound to be some tough times,
in those working years.
There will be good times, and bad times,
before those years are done.
But they can always take heart,
for the best years are still to come!

Life may be very good ­
or it may throw us many curves.
Life is uncertain ­
we may not get what we think we deserve.
But it always will be better,
if we will just keep in mind ­
The best is yet to come ­
just give it some time!
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