Punit Parikh

My Blue Fairy

If I could ever see tomorrow
And tell you about our future
You would be the moon of my life
And we would share a place amongst stars

If destiny wouldn't tear us apart
And if dreams could ever come true
If my life could be as transparent,
As your eyes, reflecting an innocent glow.

If love could be a synonym for religion,
And wisdom could replace materialism.
Then under the crescent moonlit sky,
Our life would be sweet like honey and sugar.

Your presence means a lot to me.
Your laughter fills up the entire void
And with you around none of the things matter
As world starts and ends with your smile

You are so different like some blue fairy
Giving a meaning to this life of mine,
By keeping my soul locked in your soft palms,
Cuddling my heart with your satin wings.
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