Priya Goel

October 02, 2005 - India
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Exceptionally Fab (Ms. Neha Arora Goyal)

Lavenders swinging happily by the side,
Life gave me a gift, a truly wonderful guide.
Explicit a teacher, marvelous indeed,
Having you here, is the best we have received.
You make us interested to try,
Kind and amiable, give us wings to fly.
When it doesn't go right, you make me smile,
Your wisdom helps us conquer the longest mile.
Special, with that glorious heart,
Whenever I can't, you help me start.
Your motivation gives us the power to dream,
Amidst dark, you show us a hopeful beam.
You make me flourish, I must say,
Hues of joy, you fill in my day.
Having such a mentor is a treasure,
Thank you for inspiring me, always and forever.
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