Pijush Biswas

July 12, 1988 - Srirampur, Nadia, West Bengal, India
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There Was A Boy

There was a boy, Bilu
I knew him since 1998
Who did never fight
And learned to swim too.

One day he asked me to tell
'How the stars fly in skies? '
For, in great enthusiasm he fell.
I said, 'Just like the pies'.

'Ah, 'tis not easy to describe
Have they wings that pies have? '
I said, 'I knew from the scribe,
All puzzle, he must lave'.

Hence I asked him twice,
'Have you seen someone like you
Who can swim so nice? '
He said, 'Ya, 'tis flapping dew

That under the open skies float'
And he ungrumpily nodded
His head, and with queer throat
Uttered, 'The answer is embedded'.

'O, we should all have power
Or, strength which make us joyous;
We should eat well, every hour,
To be like stars, callous'.

I was pleased to hear him
And asked, 'Then how stars fly,
In skies which is dark and dim? '
And he replied, 'I must try'.

'Will is the feather of Power and Strength
So we fly, so Strength is wing
As stars have power, these go a length
Still these having not been winged being'.

'So we need Power and Strength
And Will is their feather;
Except because all is labyrinth',
I said, 'As the world they steer'.


[Published in his self-published book "Some Suitable Words", in 2018, Kolkata]
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