Patricia R

July 13, 1983 - California
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Please lock the door

Please dont forget to lock the door when you walk away
Dont forget to lock all of the locks
Please dont let me hold you here any longer, please I say .
Cause by the time I get to look your already, ghost up the blocks
I'm not trying to waste any more of your time today .
I know your times precious and I'm not trying to waste it away .
I know it's all on me and that you will be quick to say .
That this was my choice and I did not want you to stay .
Your right I didnt , and I even said it's probably best to go away .
I love you forever, till the end of time plus that thirteenth day .
I love you and I love you is the best thing to say .
I freaking love you!!!! And I'll leave it that way .
No conversation this time for you to bring to an end.
Cause it usually happens that way
If we couldn't be happy as lovers I would've still been your friend
As it turns out , obviously it's not working out that way.
So I'll just accept it already, no further need to pretend
We both know it's not getting better things aren't going that way .
Just for the record, I'm still willing to be your best friend or just friend
We've grown old and have run out of games to play
I've gotten too tired , cant/wont play till the end .
So I wish you luck as you go on your way
Maybe the next time, until we meet again my friend
I love you I love you I freaking love you
And I'm gonna freaking leave it that way
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