Parul V

India, April 5
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Being hopeful

I tried
I tried to fill the gap, the one that threw us far
I tried to mend the ways, to end the silent war
I might be at the fault, life wasn't so black and white
I should have met in middle, when things didn't go right
I spoke and fought and yell, I made sure the words are said
I won the arguments but he took fights to bed
For days when we didn't talk, every minute felt so long
I chose him and he chose me, then where did we go wrong
I stopped to lecture back, I had no fight left in me
I cried and shed the tears and questioned the destiny
I prayed for ray of shine, I tried to change it all
But damage was too much done, ego had built a big wall
I dreamt of getting the love, to be heard and understood
To feel again beautiful and rip the darkened hood
I wished to break it all, to scream so loud and clear
To forget about everything and lead life with no fear
And then my wishes were heard and prayers just came true
As i was again in love, and sky was clear and blue
Life was beautiful and There was nothing to dread
And I had clarity, and no more tears were shed
I lay in his lap for hours and spoke and heard for long
And kept the worries in side, as nothing was right or wrong
And then the dark clouds came and got hold of my brain
And i tried to fight with them, but it was all in vain
Oh what if I loose him now, what if am left alone
What if this all is dream, by sunshine he will be gone
The sand that slips from hand, for stars can't be brought on land
The light that shines just now, what if, its beginning of an end.
I lost the peace again, by thinking the what ifs and or
I was sad for what's missing, and i wanted more and more
I know how to fix my life, I know too much for my own
I hope I find peace again, Before its too far gone.
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