Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Wounded Wings (The Agony That We Cannot Conceal)

You constant friend,
A presence that seems to never end.
You come in waves, you come in force,
A relentless feeling, a brutal source.

You are the thorn in every rose,
The cruel twist in life's repose.
You are the wound that won't heal,
The agony that we cannot conceal.

You steal our laughter, you steal our joy,
You are the darkness that we cannot avoid.
You are the ache that fills our hearts,
The burden that tears us apart.

But even in your deepest throes,
You are a reminder that we still grow.
For pain can teach us how to heal,
To find strength that we never thought was real.

So though you hurt and though you sting,
We'll learn to rise on wounded wings.
We'll face you down, we'll stand up tall,
For pain may be a friend, but we are stronger after all.
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