Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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Blackness Is a Paradox, a Mystery

In the depths of night, when all is still,
The world is draped in a cloak of blackness.
No light pierces through the darkness,
No sound disturbs the peace.

Blackness is the canvas on which
The stars paint their glittering masterpiece,
A vast expanse of twinkling light
Against the endless void.

Blackness is the silence that descends
When day gives way to night,
The stillness that envelops us
As we rest and dream and find respite.

But blackness is also the shadow
That looms over us in fear,
The darkness that hides the unknown
And fills our hearts with dread.

Blackness is a paradox, a mystery,
A force both beautiful and terrifying,
And yet it is an essential part of life,
The yin to light's yang, the balance that sustains us.

So let us embrace the blackness,
For in it lies both beauty and truth,
And let us find comfort in the darkness,
For it is the canvas on which our dreams are painted.
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