Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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In the dark of night, I see it rise
A shadowy figure, a deep disguise
A force that's strong, and bold, and true
It's blackness, spreading out anew

It blankets the earth in a shroud of dark
Enveloping all in its powerful mark
The stars themselves seem to dim and fade
As blackness takes over, in a grand parade

It's not a thing to fear, this darkness here
For in it lies the essence of all that's clear
The deep, rich blackness that fills the night
Is the very thing that gives us sight

For in the blackness, we see the stars
Twinkling bright, and near, and far
We see the moon, with its silvery glow
Reflecting the light that it does bestow

So let us not fear the blackness that reigns
For in it lies beauty, and wonder, and gains
Let us embrace the night, and all it brings
And marvel at the glory that blackness sings.
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