Oscar Auliq-Ice

December 3, 1994
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A Silence So Serene and Chill

In the stillness of the night
A whispering breeze takes flight
Softly rustling through the leaves
A gentle melody it weaves

The stars above shine bright and clear
Like diamonds in the atmosphere
A peaceful calm fills the air
As though time has ceased to care

The world outside is hushed and still
A silence so serene and chill
The only sound that can be heard
Is the song of a nocturnal bird

In this moment, all worries cease
And all is wrapped in perfect peace
A fleeting moment, so sublime
A gift of nature, divine.

In the stillness of the night,
I hear the whispers of the stars,
As they twinkle in the darkness,
Guiding me through life's scars.

The moon's glow illuminates my path,
And the breeze carries me along,
As I walk through fields of wonder,
Singing a silent song.

The world is full of beauty,
In every sight and sound,
And I am grateful for this moment,
Where peace and love abound.

So let us cherish every moment,
Embrace the joy and pain,
For life is but a fleeting gift,
A precious and unique refrain.
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