Omkar Naikade

April 03,2000-Pune
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Broken forever

I was shattered down, before I could fix my broken heart.
you spill the blood upon my roses and
left me watching my heart go pieces.
you tell me that I'm not enough
so I fade away , please don't go away
'cuz your memories just stay....
our souls were meant to be together,
now you breaking with me forever.
you been a liar ,you set me up on fire ,
you was smokin' hot fire,but bitch you're a liar ..
fuckin' liar, your were fire.
just like destiny brought us together,
it separated us forever.
now you left me dreaming in your thoughts,you were my star and I was your astronaut.
my love, my Venus why you left me thirsty for your love ,the love that I owed you.
the sleepless nights,the restless desires all I'am left with is the memories of you.
the things that we did, I can't even brief
my love I know that you are also in grief.
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