Ololade Raji

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Poverty as a Pandemic Pain

Life in the hood means nothing without a livelihood as those in the hood will choose livelihoods over lives. Maybe you now know why the frenzy virus feeds on your lives through the hunger of those in the hood

But if you fear the virus and still value your life above your livelihood, then, you are not in the hood. And you better not leave those in the hood to leave the hood for food and the virus

For it is good to move their food to the hood so they remain in the hood, then, you would not need to brood over their covid moves to leave their hood

I hope you know the gloom that looms if you do not give a hoot and look beyond loots. Have I just told you how to woo those in the hood with food to stay at home?

If you do not believe that you need food to ease the pandemic pains in the hood, you would neither believe in the corona dirge for a sweet aunt nor a word from this howl

I wonder if you would really agree since you still have some food in your home. I still wonder if you would agree even if I show you how the midnight sun still kisses the moon in the north of Norway?

I would show you if only I could, alas! the lock down, there is no way to leave and witness the eclipse romance for you to affirm the bloom at the end of this gloom

But could you just stop feeding the virus and move some food to the hood?

Ololade Raji
April 2020
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