Ololade Raji

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Begin the Songs of Life with the End

I once wrote a song I could but not finish…
Whoever finishes the songs of life?
But tell me, how? when each end begins with a new life lease?

I once met a man who paints only in shades and tints
Whoever applauds the silver greyness of the cloudless skies?
But tell me, whoever shuts out the radiance of the rainbow colours?

Ijangbon boldly pushes Odumare’s last limits, but as…
We know insanity remains the smallest room in the castle of audacity
But tell me, why some cannot help but knock on its doors?

It comes ajar and, alas! they tie the loins of lethal lunacy
We, who were fore shielded were then mandated to rewrite the songs of life
But why then will I tell you that the end already has its new beginning?

Ololade Raji
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