Nupur Gautam

January 20, 2005
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Sugar Coated Love

I hold onto you tight
On a cold winter evening
When your warm embrace provides me with comfort.
We spend hours and hours,
Talking about the sweet and sours
And you make me forget that I'm an introvert.

Sitting right in front of you,
As we share some intimate moments wrapped in a blanket,
My lips touch you
And yet again I'm intrigued by how you taste.

You keep me up day and night.
You trigger the release of adrenaline in me.
You're the first thing I need by my side
When I open my eyes.

You clutched in my hands,
The sun shining bright,
A novel in front of my eyes,
And music by my favourite boybands,
Is the definition of a perfect day for me.

I know I haven't said this before,
I know our love story has been obscure,
But I need you to know that I'm in love with you.
Thank you for being by my side,
On those tiresome days and stressful exam nights.

I'm so in love with you,
That overpriced coffees at Starbucks and Costa make sense too,
And the dates with you always feel new.

Your sweet fragrant aroma,
Flowing up my nostrils
Fills the entire house,
Sweeping me off my feet,
Transports me to a far off land of my dreams.

From the dark and stormy espresso,
To the sweet and creamy cappuccino,
My dear cup of coffee,
You've got a type to please every fellow,
With the bittersweet taste that's so mellow.

As I devour tiramisu,
Of which you are a hero,
Caffeine and sugar dance on my tongue
And with those extra carbs, I'm ready to run.

Oh, dear coffee,
I'm so in love with thee.
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