Noah Trist

October 2, 2003 - Melbourne
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Bring the wine, a symphony in a glass,
Where time stands still, moments to amass,
Ripening grapes, their destined purpose in mass,
A taste of eternity, a love that will last.

I defy the taxman's relentless plea,
My dignity's price, I'll pay with glee,
You can't strip me of my autonomy,
For my treasure is mine, and I'm carefree.

In my hands, money dances in a line,
The key to my solace, this bottle of wine,
Whether subtly sweet or with bold design,
It's a journey within, an escape so fine.

I crawl to a world where secrets are sown,
In the prism of glass, I'm never alone,
A place where my sorrows are overthrown,
In the heart of the grape, I've found my home.

Though self-pity tempts, I'll stand tall and free,
For in the depths of wine, I find my glee,
A dance of emotions, a true revelry,
In this symphony of life, I choose to be me.
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