Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

January 16, 1968 - Umuahia, Nigeria
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Deluge Aftermath

Deluge aftermath
lies on a pyre of laughter —
sardonic laughter —
holocryptic in its litter of
charms and pangs of incense.

Deluge aftermath
swears oaths of allegiance to
waning day, refraining from
tales of calm and religious prescience;
it recalls the aftermath of the
Deluge of Noah.

Deluge aftermath
rests with inveterate slumber
earned in the cataract of
puissant vices upon lonesome,
green artefacts of a laconic culture.

Deluge aftermath
looms across the dark visage of
and atop glow-lines of garden lamps
and posts of decaying flames.

Deluge aftermath
crowns crabs monarchs of floods,
and frogs adjutants of water regiment,
within breaths of rain.

Deluge aftermath
nubiferous — hanging old shrouds
of weeping clouds on the meek contours of
familiar skies to jeer downward.

Deluge aftermath,
bleaching the whited sepulchers
like elephants killed by lightning
in an unread plague of rain;
unearthing fossils of mosquitoes
about to become fuel,
and tickling the ribs of streams
to laugh and grow fat.

Deluge aftermath
dampens the hearth and the phalli —
two hot and intemperate organs
of warmth and man,
cringing in the event of the
breaking of the huge gourd
sitting on the earth-pillars.

Deluge aftermath -
one small flood for a community
and a giant inundation
for the aftermath of mankind.
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