Nita S. Balma

Augusta, Georgia

Here I Am Mom

As a young girl, I struggled thru this night of fright
I pled,begged and cried to the doctors in white
Then finally the most precious cry on this earth
My firstborn's arrival, proclaiming his birth.

Later, I lay so relieved and at peace
My heart unprepared for what I would see
Then gently, she placed him, his face toward mine
And I tell you my friends, my heart changed for all time.

For before me, here lay the most beautiful son
And his happy eyes told me, "Well, here I am Mom.
It's over, We made it, Mom, I love you too,"
While I gazed at his eyes, like the heavens, so blue.

Of all God's best gifts, He gave me this child
And I so long to see him and I will in awhile
He'll be waiting to greet me with, "Here I am, Mom,
It's over, We made it, Heaven's begun!"
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