Nimesh Bhandari

21 June, 1979, Jodhpur, India

World Tour

O’ my Sweetheart, let us both vanish from this life,
And explore the world, while I play the fife!

We begin our journey in the holy mountains of Bhutan,
Paro is where we land as per the plan,
We practice for hours helping each other perform Yoga,
Valley echos our names as we wheeze together!

Off we go to the Mallaca straight and land in Langkawi,
We create a mud house in a secluded beach,
And decorate it with sea shells,
And you finish it with a house warming speech!

We then head to the limestone caves in Ninh binh,
In boat, we pass through lotus fields and green waters,
When we pass through the ‘water caves’, we stoop,
And I kiss you gently knowing we are in a coop!

We then take off to Queenstown and prepare for the face off,
Together we jump the cliff while you hold me stiff,
Crash we land, while you hold my hand,
Splash we go, in Canyon we dash!

Cherry blossom festival in Kenrokuen is what we attend next,
We are in the middle of Nature’s womb, it’s path is laden with pink blooms,
You pose in Kimonos, holding a red parasol,
Trees around go on carousel when you sport a stole!

Gorkhi Terelj National park is our next destination,
We trek the wild country beyond imagination,
I pose as Gengiz Khan, donning a Halban,
Horse riding we go, and in a minute we fall on turf facing each other!!

We traverse our way through Siberia to reach Lake Baikal,
You capture the beauty in your sketch so idyll,
As mercury dips, closer to you I chip and hold the grip,
On snow I slip, while you nip!

Lapland is our next stop,
We wake up night to see Northern lights,
Your dreamy eyes shine in the dazzle,
And trembles me with a shockwave so colossal!

Dash we next in the city of love,
We gasp for breathe as we climb the Eiffel tower,
Romance is in the air, and I exhibit my flair by gifting you a box,
Empty box! Full of warmth unconditional!!

Venice is our next getaway,
In Gondola we sway, as the music plays,
I sing a song while you smile away,
I finger your lips so that closer to me you stay!

Greek island of Santorini is where we reach,
You sit on the stand, while I hold you with my hand,
We watch the Sunset in Oia, as the nature turns peach!
I look deep in your eyes, while the sun disbands!!

Cappadocia is where we head,
Carved churches, Volcanic mud house all spun together with a thread,
You whisper in my ears, while the hot air balloon is in full gears,
We land on a cave hotel and disappear!!

From there we escape to the dunes of Wadi Rum,
We dress ourselves in Thawb & Abaya, but the fun has just begun,
What an adrenaline gush, we Quad bike in full rush,
I take the opportunity for a mush and make you blush!

The city of Chefchaouen is where we appear,
We take a walk to the cobbled lane, along the blue houses we steer,
We hike up the Rif mountain, and head to a tiny village of Medina,
Your fragrance fills up valley as your hairs go on a whirlwind!!

Masai Mara is our next calling,
Decked up in Safari outfit, we head out for the jungle early morning,
Birds mimic your voice, while you ‘fearing’ maintain your poise,
Greeted we are by a coalition of Cheetahs on our Jeep,
We creep as the Cheetahs leap!!

We head to Zambezi river and straddle at Victoria Falls,
We splash water on each other while we swim in Devil’s pool,
Bungee jumping we go with ‘Water wall’ as the backdrop,
We plummet to ground zero; ‘dreaded’ we hug nonstop!

From there we drive past Kalahari to reach Cape of Good hope,
Off we go on a cable car and walk up to Cape Point,
With our arms overstretched, we embrace as we stand at the tip,
We pray, that we stay together like these two oceans which meet forever!!

It is time for a carnival party at Rio,
We attend a jamboree in Copacabana with Samba all night,
With the Beach all bright at the midnight,
To my delight, passion is what ignites!!

Morning we head to the salt pan of ‘Salar de Uyuni’,
Mirror, mirror on the floor; we both sing in encore,
My heart skips as I try to frame you in a picture,
I flicker, quicker, to seize the elixir!!

Oh la la, we arrive in Hollywood,
And take a tour to the ‘Madam Tussauds’,
I attempt to go on a ‘virtual’ date with Angelina & Penelope,
When you pull my shirt and cover me with an envelope !!

We brace for the end, as we set foot on the holy Pangong Tso,
Timeless beauty of the lake is the only match to your timeless beauty,
With settings all right, I confess my eternal love for you,
Love has different hues, but words are few!
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