Nimesh Bhandari

21 June, 1979, Jodhpur, India
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The Autumn Season

As I traverse the memoryless path over the leaf-sole,
I find all the barren trees expose their soul.

Their beauty, their ego, that had made them so mean,
Today they dance in delight, as they grow lean.

The trees which were the darling of their bunglows,
And the bushes which covered his poverished hut,
Appear the same, as the humility dawns on them,
Good or bad, Rich or poor, they are but the seasons fad.

The wind from east blows leaves to the west,
And the Birds from the west fly back to their nest,
Their anxiety of transition is at best,
A means to realize that this autumn is mearly a test!!

As my emotions ger burried under my footsteps,
My perspective grows beyond the past and the future,
As I transencd my mind to peep into enldess hearts,
The east, the west, the mind, all apears to be a matter of name!!
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