Nimesh Bhandari

21 June, 1979, Jodhpur, India


Another Day kisses Good-bye, and the Night Falls,
I stroll in the garden; surprised to see you shining in the Moon,
Night sky comes alive,
Your eyes twinkle in the stars, Your name forms a constellation,
And your fragrance all around in the breeze!

Eager to capture the moment, I get mirror from the closet,
With mirror on my side, close to me you reside,
I cuddle in the garden for a nap,
Your aroma envelopes to give the warmth and I sleep!

Morning I get up with a big smile on my face,
Only to find that the mirror has cracks,
And your entangled hairs are all over near the parallax,
I wonder, were you there to embrace!!

Well the morning sets and I reset,
Mirage it was; Barrage we have between us,
Bell rings and I am astounded to see you there,
In bewilderement I stare, and scare!!

I try to speak, but at loss of words,
My vision is blurred and I behave like a nerd,
You hold my hand and calm me down,
With your finger on my lips, silence is so profound!!
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