Nicole B

June 1992. Pennsylvania
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Those Whom Inspire

If you are not looking for passion

If you are not craving a deep connection constantly

If you are not traveling through this life looking for excitement

If you are not trying to fulfill each and everyone of your needs

If you don’t believe you can have everything you desire

If you are not bothered by missing out on something you want

If you chose to tiptoe through this life hoping to safely make it to death

I will say this as politely as possible

I don’t care to know you

Or the low bar you are clutching onto so tightly

I rather take a bath in the thoughts of the impulsive

I rather indulge in a driven mind

I rather wrap my arms around the seekers of positivity

I rather sink my teeth into the lips that fearlessly speak passionate words

I care to meet the dreamers of this world

I care to shake the hand of the unapologetic
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