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Waiting for you

Holding out my hand in the dark,
Always reaching for what's not there.
Knowing I'm alone, pretending It's not true
Waiting for you

Laughing through my tears,
Pretending the pain isn't there. 
Knowing I'm dying, pretending it isn't true
Waiting for you

Slashing with my blades,
Waiting for a voice to stop me, 
Knowing I'm Alone, pretending it's not true
Waiting for you

Screaming my pain out loud,
Waiting for someone to save me,
Knowing no one's there, pretending it's not true
Waiting for you

Falling deeper into depression
Sinking, hand reaching out for you
Knowing I'm already doomed, hoping it's not true
Waiting for you

Arm's getting tired, always reaching
Searching for what's not there.
Sanity crumbling, Pretending it's not true
While Waiting for you

Trying to stay on my feet,
Ready to go when someone comes
Knowing no one's coming, pretending it's not true
Just waiting for you.

Trying not to fall asleep,
Let the darkness drag me down
Knowing day's not coming, Pretending it's not true
Don't know how much longer
I can wait for you

Arm's hurting, lungs burning
Legs swaying, Eyes not closing,
Blood still dripping, Fading, Failing.
Trying so hard to pretend its not true,
but there's only so much pretending one person can do.
So I ask: How much longer must I wait for you?
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