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The Stranger at the Door

Knock, knock.
Who is standing at the door?
Rapping, tapping,
Footsteps on my kitchen floor.

Knock, Knock.
Don't be afraid.
I can hear your crying heart,
I know what scares you in the dark,
And I can make it fade.

Knock, Knock.
Should I let this stranger inside?
Conjoling, Consoling,
There's no need to hide.

Knock, Knock.
It'll be alright.
I know the bitter pain you feel,
The wounds, inside, that cannot heal,
And I will make it right.

I unlock,
I'll let the stranger in,
Smiling, beguiling,
To save me from this sin.

Knock, Knock.
Who is it at the door?
Someone coming home too late,
To save the one who lost to fate
Frozen on the floor.
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