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The Hunter and the Moon

The hunter, Orion, was hungry one day,
So he took a bite of the moon, 
Washed it down with some of the milky way, 
Using the little dipper as a spoon. 

The bear Ursa Major went free that night, 
And her little cub too, 
And the hunter, Orion, gambled and played
And drank with the man on the moon. 

Perhaps the stars were too strong in the milky way, 
Or the man on the moon shone too bright. 
​​​​​​Perhaps because all eyes were turned away, 
But they both fell in love that night. 

But time passed too quickly, the sun rose his head, 
And Orion sulked back to his place.
The bear and her cub were both shot down, dead, 
And the man on the moon hid his face. 

But every so often the moon is missing a bite, 
And the little dipper is used as a spoon, 
Orion will sneak out - just for the night - 
And drink with the man on the moon. 
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