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Today, I sat out in the sun
On the tea house patio,
Sipping an iced blueberry tea,
Basking in the sun's glow.

I sat and read some enthralling books,
In the wind both warm and fair
(Earlier I found a cozy book store
So I went and bought them there.)

I nibbled at a cookie I bought,
(Earl Grey and lavender flavour)
When a small and cute bird landed near me,
Chirping to ask for a favour.

From my cookie I took a few crumbs,
And tossed them near the bird's feet,
It hesitated, then crept a bit nearer,
Then eagerly took a small piece.

And the world was so calm,
And the weather so fair,
The breeze was so gentle,
Lightly messing my hair,

The tea, it was lovely,
The book was a treat,
The bird sang so nicely,
The dessert was so sweet,

But eventually I had to go on,
I had other things that I must attend,
But today I had a great deal of fun,
I am sure I will go there again.

Today, I sat out in the sun,
And drank tea and shared crumbs with a bird,
And that moment, those minutes I sat there,
Were so perfect it was almost absurd.
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