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My room is so messy
But I can't seem to clean
I try to explain it,
But I can't say what I mean.

My room is too stuffy,
Outside is too cold,
The dishes need washing
Before they grow mold.

I need to do laundry,
But I don't want to move,
I need to take out the garbage,
And clean the bathroom.

I need to call friends,
But I don't have the will
I have so much to do,
But just want to sit still.

I don't want to watch movies,
Or read a good book,
I don't want to drink tea,
I don't want to cook.

I don't want to do chores,
I don't like my home dirty
I don't like how I'm living,
I know that it hurts me.

I don't like that I don't want
To move, cook or clean,
I don't like how cranky and Withdrawn I must seem.

I don't want to live
Like a slovenly mess,
I don't want to feel
Always tired and distressed.

I don't know why I'm like this,
Or how to change,
I feel like I'm crazy,
I'm going insane.
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