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In a Corner there

In a corner there
I see your memory,
A child who could neither fight nor flee,
Hiding from reality

In the circle of your arms
Do you find safety?
Wishing the world around would disappear,
"I'm only safe when it's just me"

No one can reach you there,
Playing in the recess of your mind,
A place where you're strong despite the pain,
A place no one else can find.

"A world for me, and only me.
A place where I can be happy,
A place I'm strong and I won't die,
I can't hear, I don't know, I can't see."

In a corner there,
I see your memory,
A child who can neither fight nor flee,
Hiding in a place where I can't reach.

Do you know that there's more for you?
Can I convince you to leave the dream?
But I can't make you raise your head,
You're scared of what you'll see.

"Why should I leave this place that's safe?"
I know, I know the thoughts you think.
"It Hurts, I'm scared, it's all I have."
You're standing on the brink.

Little girl, oh lonely girl,
Hiding, you can't hear or see,
A broken heart all closed off,
Happy only in your dreams.

In a corner there,
"I've abandoned you who abandoned me"
Little child who can neither fight nor flee,
"Don't ask any more of me."

A child lost in time,
Where no voices can reach,
No longer reaches out her hands,
Oh, lonely child me.

Hide, and dream where life is better,
Until one day you can run
Till you can step out of your corner,
Till you don't have to be afraid.

In the corner there,
Hiding in a place that's safe,
A world with you and only you,
Till you become the me you are today.
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