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I am but a dog

I am but a dog,
But I will stay by your side
As long as you need me.

You were but two,
And so cannot remember
When you and I first met.

You, a fragile babe,
Me, still inexperienced,
But you saw me, and laughed.

I am but a dog,
But I fell in love that day
and vowed to protect you.

You since have grown up.
You found love in a human
You are happy with him.

I have since grown old
My eyes can't see anymore
And I can't run to you.

You have a child now
And your hours are busy with her
There is no time for me.

I am very old,
And now, cannot hear you cry
For your wallet is bare.

You are sad, I know,
But I cannot comfort you
Because I can't find you.

I still can smell you
And you came to me and called
And I was excited.

Your hand was shaking.
I tasted salt on your face,
As you were driving.

I whined a little
Because my hips are sore,
When you carried me.

You were sobbing then,
And I tried to soothe the pain.
But I could not help.

I am a good dog,
And I stayed when you asked me,
I will wait here for you.

You are not here now,
And your smell is faded now.
But I am still waiting.

I am old and tired,
And I cannot stay awake.
I am sorry.
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