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Brain Hiccup


They call it a brain fart, but ladies don't fart,

So it's a hiccup.

I don't know what's wrong with me today,

It seems I can only think in this way

Don't really know where I'm going with what I'm writing-

It's a little exciting. 

Sometimes, I guess, my thoughts won't rest

It's enlightening.

Just keep writing, word after word,

It cuts through my thoughts like my ink is a sword.

Till I arrive at the answers I need at last

Till I crush the lump of regret that is holding me back

If I think it through, I know what's past is past

But I also know what's now cannot last

But those things that terrify me, I keep holding fast

Why can't I just let the die roll when it's cast?

What the die rolls will number my days

Relax, I must be calm, unfazed

What comes will com, come and go

Just let it come and leave and so

Don't act or react just stay as you are

The past is too dark, the future too far

The present is passing,

Though it may leave you scarred.
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