Nandana Krishna

May 27,2003- Thiruvananthapuram

Rain means it all

Unending hopes, need and anxiety. Quench and necessity,
these all leads to that want to pour down. Far above
with eyes that hope, every root and node desire drops.
Holiness too strengthen desire, for the sky to converge earth.

Gradually when the mud smells like the awaited rain, eyes glee.
The leaves prepare to bear dew, flowers eager to beautify selves.
And there- the blessings from souls in sky reach the earth.
The rain speaks down every bit of it's tale to it's mate-the earth.
The earth blush's with beauty. The love of earth and the tales
of water create miraculous existence of life on the earth.

But tales changed when mankind forgot, that essence of love.
The hurt they caused, enraged rain. How could the humans be spared
if they caused hurt to the rain's beloved? They flattened the curves,
dried up the lakes of love and cut down the messengers who invited rain to earth.
Once again rain poured down, but this time enraged as his beloved is hurt.

The rage and vengeance swallowed everything that did not belong to the nature.
Left the mankind with fears of leading a life ahead.
He gifted them deluge of despair rather than a shower of bliss.
He took away some lives too. Still unknowing the rage of rain, people hurt the earth.
They are enraging the rain so much without realising that floods and much are yet to come.
And yes, the rain means it all.
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