Nancy Altraide

April 29, 1997 - Nigeria
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Leaders of yesterday

Pain filled my soul as sorrow took over
I was in mourning
My wailing was heard in the East
The people in the North came to console me
The West came for condolences visit
and the south, I couldn't remember their task
I had lost a child, the son of my youth

My son was a man of valor
with the strength of the Lion
he wandered the streets for his daily bread
his only crime was, being young and vibrant

without notice, they wasted him
Spilling his blood on the streets
using him to instill fear on others like him
I watched him burn and die
and his country kept mute

Hear my cry oh mother earth
and avenge my son
I will cry until tears because blood
I will bleed until I get justices

One day, when I tell this story again
it will be with tears of Joy.
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