Nancy Altraide

April 29, 1997 - Nigeria
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I was awaken by the scream
It sounded like pain
What is going on?
I asked myself
The scream became unbearable
So I began to locate the sound
It was coming from my neighbors house
He was having an argument with his wife
He had lost his temper and hit her
And left her bruised and shattered

When I got to the house
She was crumbled on the floor
Like a piece of paper that was crushed
I was too scared to get close
I could feel her pain because I had become pain myself
Her soul was calling out
To anybody who dared listen

When I got close I knelt down
All I could say was let the tears flow
Don't be ashamed of your pain
Don't hide your sorrow
You deserve love and you are worthy of love
I poured all my heart into the hug
I wanted to give her comfort
To show her I was there for her
I began to tend her wounds
With love I told her happy stories

She actually laughed
When she was feeling better
I put her to sleep
When I got home
I began to wonder what happened
Why did that woman feel so much pain?
Why did her husband hit her like that?
Till this day I keep wondering
Because the couple eventually separated.

The end.
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