Muskan Sharma

August 14, 2003, India
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Being in confortable surroundings makes my chest feel oddly out of place.
My body is wrapped in warm blankets, everything at ease.and the sudden quiet makes the Festering emptiness be heard.
I hear it crawl around, nawing at everything i once had.Hear it mock me with its crooked teeth at display. Cause playing pretend didn't seem to work.
I throw the blankets away.
The winter air stings my bare skin and with every prick the emptiness seems to go away.
Maybe it will work this time. Maybe playing pretend will make it go away.

I don't believe the emptiness to be evil. Don't believe it to be mocking, for what is it if not me?
If I am already eaten, nothing but a shell.
I am the emptiness I once hoped to end.
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