Munawar Hussain

December 05,1986 - Jhelum

"Adieu! Adieu! My Queen"

"Adieu! Adieu! My Queen"

The rocky mountains
And deep blue sea
Upon sand of the shore
We walk along free

The falling cataract
Sweet noise of sea
The evening sun
Seems sedentary to me

The fantabulous feast
And everlasting spree
Your blissful beauty
Is no hyperbole

A sailing ship
Far from the distant sea
Happend to appear
Upon the shore of sea

Unboarded a man
Not in good terms with me
My severe enemy
You chose over me

I asked you to stay
With bleeding heart of me
But you never listened
To my beseeching plea

In between the valley
The castle's debris
Adieu! Adieu! My Queen
The death has taken me

I am taken apart
By a vigilante
We can never be together
The divine's decree
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