Mohammed Irshad Shamsi

June 23, 1994 - Bangalore
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Promise me

Promise me. Promise me you'll stay.
And I'll write about you all my life.
Not about your soulful eyes which led me astray.
Neither your hair with which I'd like to play.
Or that smile which hides and betray.
I won't write about that which decay.

I'll write about your madness which has no shelflife.
About your teasing of which I'm afraid.
About your victories in games and my strife.
About your mischievous mysteries a rife.

I'll write about the ghostly thoughts whom I can't evade.
About the prickly pain of a needle in my brain.
Without you my heart's raging a crusade.
In every chunk of me you parvade.

I'll write, you're the one from whom I can't abstain.
You're the ocean, the very reason for rivers to flow and unit.
You're the land, clouds travel to be soaked and rain.
You're always here as if a legerdemain.

I'll write that by writing about you I've learnt to write.
I'll write so much that the reader will fall in love with your light.
Reading about you will be he's apatite.
Everytime he bows to worship at night
he'll pray to know if our story was complete and set right
So, Promise me because only about you I want to write.
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