Mohammed Irshad Shamsi

June 23, 1994 - Bangalore
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Is it only me?
Or do you feel it too?
I’d rather love and ache thirsty
than to not love and ache to blue.
I’d rather live and die
than not be born, don’t you?

Who am I kidding?
Who am I lieing to?
Call it cowering,
the judgment was due.

I’ll let you in on a dark desire.
I love and I also wish
the object to be lit on a pyre.
My peril is being too selfish
It’s God that I haven’t acquired
Hating myself is my niche
Lack of faith is dire.

The weight of responsible disturbs me,
The idea of commitment shook me,
The force of dependence bleeds me,
It’s faith that I lack in me.

I’m a homeless without faith,
it’s a rag tag affair.
Jack of The Shadows’ scathe,
Light has abandoned, go declare!
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