Mister Rotten

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hallucinatory worship

the ensuing morning bears a cynical savor
a tangle of instincts, tainted and soiled
its flavor lingers – thus disposed is the labor /requital/
compelling repugnance, shock and recoil

act I
his voluptuous gaze;
/yielding honey/
frigid, incongruous flutter.
digits tightened by lewdness
reeking of rot,
/blood and money/
life's effortless drug
/venomous providence/
gone astray in its shrewdness.

act II
she bears this vehemence within her chest
as it ferociously pines to break free
incessant tribulation
the twinges severe
she envisions lacerating herself
climaxing in endless glee

enter Adam:
he does not collect, he devours
delivering sensual asphyxiation

act III
she gnaws at her tongue, thus the marks on her lips
endless mute cries of a wound oozing bane
pits he held for innocuous trips
corrupt as illegitimate heirs to the claim

act IV
her ears are bleeding
through thorough immutable white noise
she heeds the remains of her sanity shrieking
whimpering, moaning
/... him thrusting/

act V
she craves this chastisement and beseeches his clemency
as he is astute for conformability
both deem it pleasure rather than penalty
to others a travesty – executioner’s nobility

his feminine shape exits
bequeathing a scent of winter and aptitude
but never of mercy

she evaporates gracefully
crying ichor, regurgitating
and hallucinates love
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