Mister Rotten

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gloaming dawn


they would divulge
his archetypes were nicotine fetishists,
sluts and alcohol drudges, indulged by stimulants,
the witchcraft of which, results in a twitch
flinching submortem, enriched by the glitch into screeching

so inimical to penmanship
yet not compelling, naivety
treated the matter
as government treated the charity,
whilst absent the latter
and former is choked by prosperity.

he would ravish their virgin minds,
petrifying in his subtle deceit,
he beat them to thoughts
forbidden and sweet...
of their defeat
his rioting narcissism was the sole witness.

the lust he incited -
flames for hair, same infernal gleam in his eyes,
as cited, demise they whispered upon him
in their almost lethargic prayer.
yet high was the price
for god only punishes sinners.

‘I am an angel, no devil at all
just able of different opinion.
my passion is might, my sole lust is war
but I seek no eternal dominion.
I dispute for knowledge, awareness and more
my dispute’s for none to be pinioned,
all I dispute for is freedom of thought
and between you I seek for no minions.”

the bullets of dread - heedless solitude,
stripped down to mute recognition.
his murderers witnessed, lips paling
the purest of earthly emissions.
madmen wept away for the sinners,
some of them followed, his body
disregarded by earth and the water
unbound in a ritual so gaudy
the flames spit out his remains
to the crowd, petrified and exhausted,
begging him not to come back
and he was no fool to disclose it.

“you slaughtered the purest of arts,
disparaged the wisest creations,
as savior proclaimed but a tart -
a whore is your revelation.
what differs shall never be good
be it knowledge or inspiration,
all’s evil what’s not understood
in ignorance and desperation.”

he would not even curse them, he left them
to idols that past had projected.
infected, their minds
and truth completely neglected
reflected in tales that none had attempted to study.
but tempted, they started worshipping images

so a promise was made to recur
and since it was made, he kept it.
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