Michele Bandler

October 9,1962 - New York City
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Pandemic March 2020

I don’t know what day it is anymore
And time no longer matters
Modern life as I’ve known it,
Is on hold.
Beliefs I’d long held, are turned upside down.
“Virtual communication – cell phones ----are isolating us,”
I’d said. “Get out of your house, join a group, meet face to face” I’d said.
Now, technology is all that we have to connect, since we
Cannot get out, join a group, or meet face to face.

Anxiety looms like a heavy cloak on our lives
As each day the grim news arrives
Of more cases, more deaths….
So, we wash our hands for twenty seconds,
Clean and sanitize with fervor
Stay home
And say “I love you” and “how are you holding up?” by phone or text
check in on our neighbors
pray if you have faith
go outside and notice the sweet early buds, green sprouts, turtle dove’s song
And rejoice
In spring’s promise.

Michele Bandler
March 2020
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